Welcome to the homepage of StAgEz e.V.  (a non profit student association  for development cooperation).

We are students of the technical university Brunswick who are dealing with themes of development and international cooperation.  Besides environmental education projects with student groups in Romania and Turkey there have recently been a series of lectures and workshops on current topics of development aid and conflicts in the worlds.  Based on this in the coming semesters we want to discuss the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and offer lectures and workshops concerning this matter.


 Lecture course conflict in the world

The last project we realized was a lecture course to conflicts in the world. Conflicts about various crises were presented. There has been a supporting seminar in which students from different disciplines could deal more deeply with the different themes. With this, we wanted to sensitize and inform the students about themes which are not found frequently in the media. So themes like the petition of independence of the western Sahara or the conflict between gold searching or education for children in Burkina Faso were presented.