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World Water Day 22 March 2017


In cooperation with the local groups of Viva con Agua and the Ingenieuren ohne Grenzen we organised a series of lectures on the world water day in 2017.

Prof. Dr. Haarstrick, working at the Institut for Sanitary Environmental Engineering of the TU Braunschweig talked about the availablity and future of water as a resource. He also informed the listeners about the project „Sustainable water management in developing countries“. He focused on the water stress in especially populous areas in the world.

Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Dockhorn, working at the same institute spoke about growing plants with the help of sewage (HypoWave). Hydroponik is introduced as a well working system to use the low nutrient level of treated wastewater. This water can help to produce plants/food very environmentally friendly.

Julian Cordes, leading the project „Weltwunder“ of the „Verband für Entwicklungspolitik in Niedersachsen“, talked about the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. In detail, he explained the history oft he SDGs and the implementation in Lower Saxony.

Adam Rybszleger, a member of „Ingenieure ohne Grenzen“ talked about their waterproject in Balanka, Togo. The projects aim is to provide access to water especially for children in order for them to be able to attend school. Normally, children and women have to look for water several hours a day which makes school attendence nearly impossible. They also want to help all the others in the village and are preparing to broaden the project in regard to additional water projects.

We planned to show the documentation „Thirsty for Justice – the struggle tot he human right of water“ but because of the time we weren’t able to.

At this point, we would like to thank all the participants for their time and are happy to announce that there have been about 60 people listening.

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Fundraising 2015

On November 5th, 2015 we organized a fundraising with the motto “Trink bunt für mehr Vielfalt“ (equivalent to drink colourful for more diversity).
At the party people could buy a variety of different drinks. Furthermore we offered linen bags, t-shirts and buttons made by us during former projects.
We are happy to tell you that we collected a total amount of 715 €!
These are far more donations then we received in the years before. Thats why we thought about donating the money to several projects which are mainly focusing on refugee support.
We already startet to evaluate different local projects and will decide which ones are eligible for our purpose. Because of the great support our guests will be given the opportunity to vote.

The StAgEz Team


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Live on StAgE(z) – rock for Romania

On the 5th of July in 2007 we organized a benefit concert for Romania. Even if the event day was quite stressful the concert was an enormous success. At this point we want to thank all the active participants, particularly the bands, the B58, Gerrit and of course all the guests! The 320euros we earned were used to buy 200 reflectors incl. equipment for horse-drawn vehicles in Baia Mare. The Sinti and Roma inhabitating this region make their living by agricultural work and scrap dealings. Every night they look for scrap metals with their horse-drawn vehicles. These vehicles had no safety precaution for the nights. With the new reflectors they have, at least, a minimum of security. 



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Ebay selling campaign for a good cause

In February/ March of 2008 we organized an Ebay selling campaign. We created this project because normally everyone has got some things at home which are not in use anymore but are still suitable for other people. We made an appeal for material donations, and auctioned these objects on Ebay. The proceed was donated to the association “Pinocchio für Afrikas Kinder e.V.”. We are in direct contact and started a cooperation with them. We hereby thank everyone who supported us. The project was very successful and we hope we will be able to something like this again in the near future.

 Pinocchio für Afrikas Kinder e.V

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Environmental education in Romania

The ideas and first beginnings

During the winter semester of 2010/2011 and also during the summer semester 2011 the seminars “Umweltbildung in Rumänien” took place at the Technische Universität Braunschweig. These seminars have been initiated by a students association for development assistance “StAgEz e.V.”. This association was founded by Brunswick geoecology students.  Due to contacts to Romania StAgEz had the idea of organizing an environmental education program in a rural school for one week. The program should be lead by German and Romanian students. But the big question was how to deal with the financial support.

The in 2006 established college tuitions was the answer to this question. The request for financial support in order to establish the seminar, which was back then innovative for the Technische Universität Braunschweig, was approved from the decision makers. With the purpose of not only creating the concept but also implementing it, there had to be organized some money to enable a field trip to Romania. Therefore, it was brought forward a motion to the European Union, which thanks to the program “Youth in action” supported such ideas. This request was also granted immediately.

Vorbereitung der Aktivitäten mit rumänischen Schulklassen

Successful implementation on site

The goal of the seminar in winter semester 2010/2011 was to create a concept, in which environmental educational programs with topics of soil, water, air and garbage/recycling could be developed. The aim was to bring the Romanian children closer to the topics in a playful but also scientific way. For this reason the Romanian students and the teacher of the school were involved in the creation of the concepts. It was easier for them to transfer the knowledge to the children. It was also a very new experience for the leader of the seminar Christine Székely, but she mastered it brilliantly. Because at the end of the semester there was an entire concept for each topic written in English. The concepts have been realized in a German school to be able to optimize them later. Now, we were ready to start the realization in Romania.

Between March 23rd and April 1st 2011 twelve German and eight Romanian students met in Maureni. It is a little village in the historical region of Banat. There has been an entire week in which the students worked every morning with the pupils from grade one to four. In that time we installed a school garden, built a compost und realized experiments. During the weekends the students were able to make field trips, because that’s a part of the “Youth in Action” program. That is the only way to support intercultural experiences – next to working on the environmental educational programs. The trip was a big success for everyone involved – the students, the seminar leader, the pupils, the teachers and of course, the village.

To be continued with new ideas

Because of the huge success we were sure that this is not supposed to be done with one trip. Right after the realization we handed in an additional application for a second seminar in the summer semester 2011. It was granted without any trouble. Christine Székely could be allured a second time as seminar leader. As a consequence of new seminar participants, we could create a lot of new input. This time we concentrated on “renewable energy”. For this topic we created the subtopics of “solar energy”, “biomass”, “wind energy” and “hydro energy”. We took the trip from September 21st to September 30th 2011 and worked with students from grade five to eight of the same school as before. Together we built a windmill, produced biogas, experimented with solar panels and played games. At last we enjoyed a week filled with new impressions and experiences.

All in all, we can say that the project was really successful. After the projects ended, a partnership between the school in Maureni and an elementary school in Braunschweig has been initiated. The Romanian students are now working together to develop their own project. Additionally we should not forget the development of every participant’s cultural experience. Because of the positive feedback we could establish a new environmental seminar in the winter semester 2012/13. But this time we will be working with Turkish students and pupils.

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