Environmental education in Romania:

In 2010 StAgEz created and organised a seminar called “Environmental education in Romania”, which were hold in winter 2010/2011 and in summer 2011. German and romanian students were working together to develope concepts for lessons to hold in a primary school in Romania. It was an informative and unforgettable experience for all participants. more!

GATE – German and Turkish environmental education:

After the great success of “Evrironmental education in Romania” in summer 2011, StAgEz organized the consecutive Projekt “German and Turkish environmental education”. Like before, students were developing lesson concepts in a seminar at the TU-Braunschweig which were tested in german schools. In spring 2013 eleven german students traveled to turkey to work on these consepts with a turkish student group from Işik University to perform them in an elementary school in Şile, Turkey. Whant to read more? here!

EBY – Energy Between Youth:

EBY is the sequel project for the successfully executed GATE-seminar from the previous semester. This time the topic of the environmental education project was “energy”. The students created  concepts for lessons which where realized in an elementary school in Şile. Because of the gained knowledge from the last time, difficulties where solved easily. Better defined structures, better communication and the experience of Istanbul.  For details click here!

T-Cat – Turkish-Culture-and-Tradition:

Intercultural communication is one of the aims of StAgEz. The project T-Cat assisted by the EU-Project “Youth in Action”, offered the turkish and german students the opportunity to talk about the differences in the cultures to eliminate prejudices. To offer children the approach to the turkish culture the turkish students went to the Ricarda-Huch school in Braunschweig. You want to know more about it? here!

ICE-T – InterCultural Education in Turkey:

ICE-T is the inofficial following project from EBY. For the first time in history of our environmental education programs we resigned the cooperation with the European Union. Like the years before we were working together with the group of Turkish students from the Işik Üniversitesi. Financial support came from the  Technische Universität Braunschweig. Because of limited funding we also did some fundraising. The motivation was to realize topics with environmental relation closer to the young Turkish students. here!